Classroom Life B.C.C. (Before Common Core)

I was in 4th grade when I was assigned my first male teacher, who shall remain nameless, Mr Northwood. 

It wasn’t my best year; I earned a “D” in science and I credited him for the unfair grade.

He was just weird.

One of his requirements?  I had to memorize the alphabet backwards with the premise, “It will boost your dictionary skills.”  (I am certain that is not a common core standard).

In his defense… Mr. Northwood he had not yet heard of Google. It was 1974; and the alphabet itself wasn’t even that old yet.   The abacus sat dust-free on his desk.

To Mr. Northwood’s his credit, at  9 years old I had acquired a life long skill.  (Read as superhumanpartytrick).

I now possess a talent that amazes my kindergarten students.  That doesn’t make me weird, but it does grab the attention of the class.

When you are a teacher, it’s not just grabbing the attention of the audience, it’s hooking them and holding them.

Working with 21 kiddos who have heard of Google and can not figure out how to power on an abacus, you need creative ideas like the one borrowed from the memory of writers like JM Randolph.  bananna

Read this and peek at the abc’s of my science lesson for next week; it requires a banana.


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2 Responses to Classroom Life B.C.C. (Before Common Core)

  1. Bella says:

    Oh, the abacus…I remember it fondly! Truth be told, Google has ruined middle aged people too. (I’m living proof). I no longer bother doing math in my head but instead, pull up an online calculator and get to work. Sigh. Technology can be a good thing but it also makes us lazy. Remember when reports meant going to the library to use encyclopedias? 🙂

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