What would they do if the teacher didn’t show up??

A classic ‘How To’ book for teachers, The First Days of School, is the book I refer to as my classroom compass.

The author, Harry Wong, stresses the value in teaching and modeling routines and procedures from day one (and day two, and day three…)  Over and over and over.

I’m a fan of routines and procedures read as OCD.

I believe structure helps the kiddos (and the rest of us) feel safe; it’s good to know what to expect…most of the time.

via Bing images

via Bing images

So, what happens when the unexpected happens <read as real life>.

Today I found the answer to a big ‘what if’ question.

I asked my classroom of 20 five yr-olds, “What would you do if you walked in our classroom one morning and there wasn’t any teacher here?”

…here is the top 10 list of honest answers that our kindergarten class had no problem (and a WHOLE lot of fun) brainstorming.

10. I would write the names of naughty kids all over the board (but      not my name).

9. I would read to the class (this kids gets an “A” in p.r.).

8. Go to lunch and recess!  all.  day.  long.

7. I’d have a party!!

6. Go to the computer lab.

5. I’d go straight to the principal’s office and tell her!

4. I’d walk to the ice cream store and bring back some popsicles for the party.

3. Head straight to gym or art.

2. I would wait for you. (ahhhh…my most patient kiddo)

1. I’d curl up in a box and go back to sleep.

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via Google images


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3 Responses to What would they do if the teacher didn’t show up??

  1. I like, “I would curl up in a box and go back to sleep.” I love this age!

  2. amybisson says:

    What fun! I’m going to borrow you idea tomorrow…. Let’s see if the “big kids” have the same ideas 🙂

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