How To Make The World Better

“Be kind? That’s it?” Yes.

The Gratitudenist

I wish there were an 800 number at the end of the newspaper that you could call to do something about the horrific things you’ve just read.

I would call on Sunday. I imagine it would go something like this:


“The New York Times how-to-make-the-world-better-hotline. May I help you?”

“Yes, I’m calling because I feel really bad about all the terrible things in the world that I just read in your newspaper.”

“Wonderful. We appreciate your call.”

“So what can I do to make the world a better place? The problems are so big and I am just one person.”

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My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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One Response to How To Make The World Better

  1. Thanks for finding my blog and reblogging my post on kindness. Didn’t you love that convocation speech? I’m looking forward to reading your blog!

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