A Little Girl Asks about 9/11

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Mads: Mom, tell me about the Twin Towers.  

Me: The Twin Towers? What? What Twin Towers are you talking about?

Mads: You know … The ones in New York that aren’t there any more.

Me: Wow. How do you know about that?

Mads: Grampa told me. They were the tallest buildings in New York City. There was an airplane … what happened?

Me: Wow. Well, some bad guys wanted to harm our country and make us all afraid. So they made some planes crash into some very important places in our country and a lot of people were killed.

Mads: How did those bad people get onto the planes? Could they get into a plane again? Why did they want to make us afraid? What country were the bad guys from? I hope it wasn’t Texas, ’cause I like Texas. Oh, look! Cows!

I’m really rather happy the conversation ended…

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