When I see Christmas trees at Target

When I see Christmas trees at Target in October, it rots my pumpkin.

I am a true holiday hater.  Not because I don’t like to celebrate, but because I don’t like the commercialism of the season <which now runs from early January through late December>.

Retail isn’t going to change, there are big bucks in the holiday hoopla, but I can change my perspective on this looming seasonal sensationalism.

While pinning from Selfless, (One Tee. One Charity. One Selfless Act), I gained some insight from the posting below;  click and share for your own selfish reasons.

#5 isn’t my talent and wouldn’t be seen as a gift.

#8 is going to take some big work on my part.  <I’m more a talker>

#11 is my favorite.

via Google Images

via Google Images

20 selfless things to do this holiday season | MNN – Mother Nature Network.


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2 Responses to When I see Christmas trees at Target

  1. Dad says:

    Shelley, I agree. Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ, not for giving, receiving of presents and certainly not for stores to compete with each other to see how much money they can make.

    • tuesday2 says:

      Glad we agree on something! ha ha… Glad Grandma didn’t feel this way when we were growing up! 🙂 I still remember her buying two of everything for us. #kids

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