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I have never been infatuated with Valentine’s Day.  Or any holiday.

  • Warning:  Holiday Hater ahead.

Cupid fans can X out now.

I’m not a nonconformist.  I just don’t buy commercialism.

The holidays are monopolized by card creators, jewelry junkies, sweet sellers, and petal pushers.

Valentine’s Day?  Is that even a real holiday?

Give me Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving.

You can keep Valentines’ Day.  You can ignore my birthday too.

The day I was born?   July 16th, 1966.  So what?  It’s just another day to me.

  • Editor’s note:

Being a twin, my birthday has never been my very own special day .

All I did on that day was show up. Late.

I should call my mom, thank and gift HER on that day.

Give me Mother’s Day. I’ve earned it.  I’ll celebrate that holiday.   Again, no flowers or fluff, just a little time to myself.

The time is coming.


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One Response to Seeing Red

  1. Dad says:

    VERY WELL WRITTEN. What a gift you have. I agree that each day should be a celebration because it is a day the Lord has made and we should give thanks to Him. I agree with you on Valentines Day. Your thoughts are special and precious to me and I thank the Lord for you and Donna to share your thoughts and feelings with me. Life is a gift from God and I thank him many times a day for You and Donna. I will always celebrate Easter and Christmas because of what they symbolize. I hate the commercialism created for those Holidays though. Life on this earth is short and I thank Jesus for giving me a way to enter Heaven and to be forever happy celebrating Him in my home which is Heaven.

    I send my unconditional love to you girls.

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