It’s not about the smell.

via Google Images

via Google Images

I have an addictive personality.

I know this because my daughter, Allie told me so.

I also know this because I’m on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest more than I am on my feet.

My latest obsession? My interest in oil spills.

More specifically, Young Living Essential Oils.

I was first lured by the scent.

However, “…to be perfectly honest, some of them may not smell good to you at all. The fact is, an essential oil should most often smell like the plants they are distilled from, and if they don’t you have a problem. If the peppermint oil you are using smells like a candy cane, ask yourself what a peppermint plant smells like in nature.

NOT like candy, right? If it does then the “essential oil” you are using has most definitely been adulterated somehow, and I wouldn’t recommend using it for therapeutic purposes.” Read on to learn about the many uses of essential oils, including:

•Provide natural pain relief
•Reduce Inflammation
•Ease stress and anxiety •Help ADD and ADHD
•Decrease insomnia
•Rejuvenate skin and alleviate skin conditions
•Support muscles and bones
•Improve the circulatory system
•Promote optimal endocrine function
•Soothe digestive disorders
•Protect against colds and influenza
•Improve mental clarity
•Provide oral and dental care
•Protect against cancer
•Clean the air of germs, toxins, mold, heavy metals, and odors


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