But you don’t look that old on the outside?

Old souls and young souls.

Sometimes they are housed in bodies that disguise their true age.

Wisdom talks through wrinkles.  Wisdom shines through the toothless grins of those fearless five-year-olds inside every kindergarten classroom.

There’s a quote that speaks of wisdom on the faded brick façade of the elementary school that my daughters attended.

I remember the feel of the classic blackboard, the smell of the dusty chalk, the beauty of the now sealed up fireplace, and squeak of the wooden floor boards that gave lasting character to George Washington Elementary school.

I remember the teachers even more vividly.

What I don’t remember vividly, is the exact wording of the quote on the front of the school.  I do remember what it meant to me.

Isn’t that what learning is all about?  It’s not what people (or quotes) actually say that makes a difference, it’s how they make you feel.  That’s what we remember.

That’s what we hope to learn from.

I teach kindergarten, I work with fascinating 5yr- olds.  I’ve also worked in a nursing home, working with fascinating 95yr- olds.

They are the same.  Really.  Souls that hold wisdom.  Housed in different bodies.

timeWe just need to learn to listen to both of them.

That quote on my daughter’s elementary school?


It was something like this…

“Knowledge is proud that it knows so much; wisdom is humble that it knows no more.”   -William Cowper



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