When Life Hands you a Lemon, Make an Oil.

My grocery list is shrinking!
The first store-bought item to get crossed off?  Those netted bags of lemons that used to fill my shopping bags, challenge my biceps, and cover my kitchen counter.
 lemon peel
When I wasn’t buying them in bulk, I was buying 4 of those yellow yummies for $5.00 a pop!   😦   They often went bad before I had time to wash them, slice them up, pick out the seeds…and toss away the best part.
The best part?
The rind!  Did you know, “…wait, wait, wait, THAT lemon PEEL contains even more nutrients, vitamins, and health benefits than the lemon juice?”
Too much work?  Don’t want to eat the peel?
Want to scratch those netted fruits of your grocery list?  Want a fruit that doesn’t go bad?
Here’s a healthy, economical solution:
Young Living Lemon Essential Oil; no lemon of a deal at all!  😉
Because it’s Young Living, you can rely on their ‘Seed to Seal’ guarantee.  Use that oil right from the bottle, just like you would a lemon that you sliced up and dropped in your glass of water!  I wake up with fresh lemon water every single morning; no seeds floating in my sleeveless water bottle!
Economical?  Oh Yes!
Young Living Essential oils don’t ‘go bad’.  There is nothing in that bottle of lemon, except LEMON oil; it has a not-stop shelf life.  I tuck that bottle of lemon in my bag every morning; pop one drop in my water throughout the workday.
One drop is allll you need (trust me, I’m an extremist who learned you only need ONE drop), hence the economical part.
In a 15ml bottle of Young Living Lemon Essential Oil, you will have over 250 drops of liquid lemon (from the RIND)!   THAT’s the best part, remember?
When you add this oil to your collection of household staples, you can count on shaving $11.25 off that grocery bill.
Invest in your health before you tote another bag of netted lemons home from Walmart Super Center.
If you’re ready to make that investment, or if you want more information on Young Living Essential Oils, contact me at macphersonshelley@yahoo.com

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