It’s Okay to be Uncomfortable.

Yes; we oily fanatics get sick too.
I find it a challenge to accept being sick in any way; it proves that I’m human and that’s the tough part to accept when you’re a self-diagnosed Type A. (Yes, self-diagnosed and there isn’t one of my friends that would debate that label).
For the past 3-4 days, I’ve finally been getting my health back 100%. Being sick (with even a simple common cold)  puts life in perspective.
The big picture (chronic illness, or a life-altering diagnosis) makes a few sniffles, sore throat, congestion, and sinus issues seem just as they are: so minor.  Inconvenient at the most. Humbling at the least.
Recovering from the occasional health issue takes time (yes even for us oilers). The good news is, the time is surely shortened with those bitty bottles of nature’s goodness.
In this ‘hurry-up-fix-it world’ I could’ve easily reached for any OTC quick cure to help me get through the work days and the restless nights; yet because I know that sometimes a body just has to work though things, I chose to go with the natural flow.
I listened to my body, upped my daily oil regime, added more fluids, slowed down a bit (ouch), and hit the snooze button a few days in a row (without the guilt of a typical Type A).
I wanted no side effects, no toxins, no quick fix cover up that would trick my body in to doing more than it should’ve.  I had to feel the discomfort to realize that my body was talking to me and to know that I had to listen.
I don’t like not feeling 100% (who does)? I’ve got sh#t to do (who doesn’t)?
What I’ve learned (and continue to learn) is that sometimes we have to give our body time to work through things, not rush it because we don’t have patience for it or because it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient to OUR day, our errands, or OUR plan.
Here is the point of my sharing this story with you…
It is the same with our physical being as it is with our spiritual health.
We (yes, us type A people too) simply have to let things run their course.
What I’m continuing to learn is that sometimes we have to sit in the UNcomfortableness to grow from the experience.  We can remind ourselves that this too shall pass (in its own time), and learn from what our body (and our soul) are trying to tell  teach us.

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My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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