If you MUST drink Coffee…

At the height of my addiction (caffeine is a drug), I kept a coffee maker on my nightstand; not kidding.

It was one of those coffee makers that was programmed to start brewing at a certain time of day (or very early morning in my life …3:47 am).

That coffee maker was my alarm clock; I literally woke up read as got up to the smell of coffee.

*Side note: Just the smell of coffee has an effect on your body (more of that later). 😉

Flash forward to the now:  Over the past few years, I’ve cut down to 1 cup of coffee …K-cup style on the busy mornings, French Press on the ‘got some time for this today’ days.  DD on those days I don’t like to talk about.

I cut back way back, I used to finish that entire pot of coffee on my nightstand before I left for work in the morning.   I downed my dosage because I learned that coffee lowers your body’s frequency; (frequency is a very big deal) …even just the smell of coffee can have THAT effect on your energy level.  Ironic, right?

My diffuser one of my many now sits where that coffee pot used to fire up my morning.   Daybreak is now filled with natural energy,  and mood maintaining peppermint essential oil,   not brown liquid.

Confession: ughh…I do still reach for that 1 cup of brown liquid per day.  I mix in a spoonful of coconut oil and top it with cinnamon vitality essential oil; this is my bridge to cutting the caffeine fix.   My goal for 2017 is to eliminate that cup of coffee completely.

btw..Ever wonder why Starbucks keeps that cinnamon shaker filled and ready for you? It does something to your coffee… go find that out.  #KnowBetter

 Now that I know better, I want to do better.  Stay tuned.cinnamon

About tuesday2

My husband tells me I talk too much. I tell him that I have a lot to say. Here’s the solution… Welcome to my blog!
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