I Am.

As we scroll through Facebook,  we notice the too many posts about people telling us they’re sick.

We’re all human; I confess, even me.  We get sick, even me.

I post a LOT on Facebook, I don’t post about being sick.

I don’t talk about being sick; I talk about wellness.

Maintaining our wellness is easier than fixing our illness.

How do we maintain our wellness?

♥ Try your grandmother’s recipe:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water; hand sanitizer is not a substitute for soap and water.
  2. Get outside.  Take your shoes off.
  3. Eat healthy, think balance.
  4. Drink plenty of fluids; stay hydrated (vodka and craft beer don’t count).
  5. Maintain regular sleep patterns; you can’t catch up on your sleep.
  6. Use your oils faithfully.
  7. Practice your faith.

Ever wonder why we’re hearing so much about sickness at this festive time of year?  You can blame it on stress, should you believe that stress is real   …and blame it on not doing what your grandmother told you to do.

There’s good stress (shopping for Christmas, planning a wedding, awaiting the arrival of a baby, moving into a new home)…and there’s bad  not good stress (death of a family member, job loss, divorce); it’s all stress.

When under stress, our immune system is both stimulated and compromised at the same time; our body revs up our natural defenses, our body doesn’t let us down.

Think about that tiny little baby bundled up and toted all around during the Christmas holiday, they somehow manage to ‘sleep through it all’ …yet, do you notice that when they get home, they ‘let go’… the crying and fussing begin.

Think primal times… your body is not going to quit when it’s being chased by a predator.

Once that stress is over, you’ve outrun the predator, the Christmas gifts are under the tree, the perfect wedding was pulled off, the new home is settled, you’ve found that new job… your body may decide “Okay, it’s safe to let go now.”

Letting go when it’s safe to let go has been termed, “Leisure Sickness”.   via Web MD

“Your immune system is stimulated by the pressure, so when you have deadlines your body knows you can’t get ill. When you take a break your immune system just thinks – no more pressure. I can get sick now.”

When you stop working: “It’s like a fuse, with your brain telling your body it can switch off, so you get a cold or a headache.”

Stress counselor and lifestyle expert Liz Tucker totally agrees with the phenomenon of leisure sickness.

“It is absolutely a biological process. When you are busy at work, your body just needs to get things done so it overrides everything else.”
It’s when you stop that the problems start.  

She says when you relax your body goes, “Oh my God [it’s] time to repair and restore,” so you get rundown and go down with something.”

I believe in the phenomenon of Leisure Sickness; I believe more in the power of mind over matter and the consistent practice of conscious language.

Repeat after me, “I am well.”

For more information about living life above the wellness line, find me here.

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