If you must pick your nose, please do it in the bathroom …and then wash (both) hands.

I’m a kindergarten teacher.
I’m in one classroom alll day long with 23 5yr-olds. 
Here’s the common core math on that:  46 hands + 230 fingers = lots of soap and water.
Read as, “I know how to support and maintain a healthy immune system.” 
Don’t just take my word on this; do your own research. 
Sounds very teacher like, huh?  
As an educator, I know that when we learn by doing, we learn more.
People often raise their hand and ask, “Why should I choose Young Living?”
… to which I answer,
“Research the company you’re considering buying your oils from; ask them just one question, “Where are your FARMS located?”
You may quickly discover there are NO FARMS; there are factorie$.
Anything that comes from nature -with no hand of man to do it better (insert eye roll here) cannot be patented. 
You cannot patent nature.
I believe that everything we need to maintain our health and well-being, has already been given to us; someone else (high above) had first dibs on that.
I chose Young Living because I’ve been to their farms, I’ve met the real life people (and the very pampered animals) who work on those farms. 
Go visit their farms for yourself; no need to sign in at the ‘office’ or even get a visitors pass, just go.horse
I’ve shaken the (no nose-picking) hand of of the man who founded this company more than 2 decades ago. I’ve put my hand (all 10 fingers) in the soil where the oils are grown; I’ve seen the Seed to Seal guarantee from Young Living in process
These oils work for me; I give them an A in my grade book. 
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