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“I called U-Haul and canceled the truck.”

I am a minimalist. I don’t fill my home or my life with accessories. I am continually getting rid of things. Most of the stuff I hang on to I have stored somewhat neatly in my mind. I do hoard memories. Not the … Continue reading

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Perfumes Inspired by Dead Writers

Makes scents to me. Click for yourself. Perfumes Inspired by Dead Writers. I’ll order the Louisa May Alcott. Related articles Designer Brand Unveils Perfume For Babies ( How To Choose A Perfume ( something scented ( Amanda Nelson: Perfumes Inspired … Continue reading

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Why would I want to smell like sushi?

In the search to find unique gifts for myself, I typed upon a truly original line of fragrances, Demeter. The founders of this fragrance library work by the (slightly altered) motto “…to revive memories and take you back through time…” The … Continue reading

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Peeking in a Pintere$t Closet

           I like my money right where I can see it … hanging in my closet. -SARAH JESSICA PARKER

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…”Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.” Jim Rohn

My daughter, Lauren is in the process of redecorating her apartment. I’m in the process of giving her ideas, (cheaper than actually giving her furniture). Lauren is doing what most people in their 20’s do/trying to furnish her place with a … Continue reading

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Why Yes; I would Like to Hang some Family Members.

Here is where I found my inspiration.

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How many ways can you do this?

Take a look at 15 suggestions~ Related articles Street Style: Tie It Together With A Scarf, And Smile ( 10 Pretty Ways to Wear a Scarf in Your Hair ( Tie One On ( How to Tie a Scarf 25 … Continue reading

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Nailing Winter in Style

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It’s Cocktail Bling. Duh

He stared at my nails with a “What were you thinking?”  kind of look. (Yes, my husband, but he doesn’t like me writing about him so let’s just leave it anonymous). “Gray?”  He asked with an <I have no clue … Continue reading

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please pass the mustard

Not for me, but a fun fall fashion for my daughter. Take a look… please pass the mustard.

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