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20 Most Recognizable Scents

On the list of the 20 most recognizable scents,  #1 makes my day possible. #2 and #4 offer a great partnership. My favorite?  #18;  making my world a bit brighter. Click here for the colorful details. Your favorite? Related articles … Continue reading

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No, I Haven’t Been Cleaning all Day.

 My friend, Jessica, introduced me to the benefits of coconut oil. It is now one of my favorite things. I use it for cooking, I condition my hair with it, and I use it as a moisturizer.  Multipurpose indeed! It costs … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Branding with Scent

Browsing through blogs, I found Teri.  Teri has managed to anchor down her thoughts-  in print, simply titled…Thyrkas Blog. She writes like she is thinking out loud.   Her words make scents.  Listen for yourself… I had lived away from Seattle, my … Continue reading

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