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23 Things That Only Sisters Understand | Thought Catalog

Webster may not define the relationship between sisters quite like this, but I am certain that he didn’t have a sister anything like mine, nor did he survive raising the two siblings that I call my daughters. There are 22 … Continue reading

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Our Most Basic Instinct: Family.

The tree colored the night in red and green.  The house smelled of Jiffy Pop popcorn, served up in a spaghetti stained Tupperware bowl.  The console TV blared the theme from “One Day at a Time.” Twin sisters clad in … Continue reading

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My husband prays hard.

My husband comes from a family of 8 kids.  More specifically, and most important to him: he is the oldest. His underlings tell stories of how he taunted them with his self-imposed authority.     Jim Pfiffer was a mean and bossy older … Continue reading

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I Sold My Sister Out

I have a sister.  A twin sister, who knocked my front teeth out with a desktop phone, (in the era when they still made those rotary communication tools …and during the era when my sister was still young and sneaky enough to get … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Message from a Mom

Heather is a teacher. Teaching is her ‘other’ passion.  Her first occupation?  Mom. It’s a common career, with many uncommon views.  Motherhood. We all have our parenting style.  Then we have kids. We all quickly learn to adjust that style. … Continue reading

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The Long & Short of Family Fashion

My older daughter, Allie, blames genetics me for her ( self-diagnosed) short torso. My younger daughter, Lauren, longs for longer legs, wearing shoes that match her skin tone to create the illusion of height. I found their solution.  Here.

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Double Talk Tomorrow is my twin sister’s birthday. Yes, we are identical, but we are nothing alike. We share the same face, but that’s where the sharing ends. Well, there is one exception, if you believe in the language shared via twin … Continue reading

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