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Can I be in Love Already?

“My original fears about changing to a new grade quickly disappeared as I moved from a curriculum-centered to a STUDENT CENTERED classroom.” — Barbara Hanson, teacher at Willett School in Attleboro,  Massachusetts (Hanson, 1995). I’m welcoming my 14th year of … Continue reading

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I Make Enough. My Earnings are Directly Deposited, Every Single Day.

“We can certainly talk about the realities of the economy, debate the best method to evaluate effectiveness and discuss the drawbacks of unions. But anyone who characterizes teachers as overpaid is forgetting what we entrust them with each and every … Continue reading

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The building blocks of today.

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And the Fury | Misadventures of a Modern Mommy

And the Fury | Misadventures of a Modern Mommy.

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My Job is Simple.

My job is simple. I work Monday through Friday. September – June. No nights. No weekends. No holidays. My job is simple. I teach kindergarten.  I work with five-year olds. Ask them what my job is…they will tell you: “It’s … Continue reading

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Reading. Writing. Socializing.

Katie says “…I accept every child where they are. I do not spend a moment blaming their home life, their preschool teacher, their environment, etc…. There is no sense in blaming or wishing they were any different. That just wastes time … Continue reading

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More Meditation. Less Worry.

“… And therefore you seek to work for the common good because your humanity comes into its own in belonging.”                                                         – Dr. Frank Lipman More Real Food, Less Food-like Substances More Fruit and Vegetables, Less Sugar, Gluten and Dairy More Plant … Continue reading

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Learning is Mandated.

It’s one of my favorite quotes.  It’s a reminder to prioritize.  The value of keeping first things first. Being an educator today, there are many priorities to value, both in and out of the classroom. What counts in the classroom … Continue reading

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