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Spice up that Morning Coffee!

We know that drinking (or smelling or simply holding) a cup coffee can lower our bodies frequency. …..“In one study the doctors took two young men who had a 66-hertz frequency. One held coffee and his frequency dropped to 58 … Continue reading

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Cats + Coffee = A purrrfect Cafe.

“Cat cafes are very popular in Korea. With busy work schedules and small apartments it can be difficult for people to keep pets. Well, cat cafes are the perfect solution for the animal lover!”  …read the rest of the story here. Could … Continue reading

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…”Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.” Jim Rohn

My daughter, Lauren is in the process of redecorating her apartment. I’m in the process of giving her ideas, (cheaper than actually giving her furniture). Lauren is doing what most people in their 20’s do/trying to furnish her place with a … Continue reading

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How to Cope when you’re out of Coffee (and Insight)

“The research suggests then when we are stumped by a problem, we should step away from the desk and caffeine and instead find a way to relax. The answer will only arrive after we stop searching for it. So while … Continue reading

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“…it came with the house.”

I have my coffee. I have my  newspaper laptop. In my mind, I’m enjoying it all.   Sitting in a kitchen like this.  Join me? Oh, and please leave the kids home.  Note the white.  Everywhere. Related articles Homemade Home: Great DIY Projects … Continue reading

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