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Why that Smell brings up Memories.

I’ve always been a very emotional being; if you ask my best friend about this, she will tell you WE are the norm; we simply don’t have the ability to to stop our feelings from showing on our face. Crying … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Play Dough with Essential Oils…

“Memories, imagination, old sentiments, and associations are more readily reached through the sense of smell than through any other channel.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

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“I called U-Haul and canceled the truck.”

I am a minimalist. I don’t fill my home or my life with accessories. I am continually getting rid of things. Most of the stuff I hang on to I have stored somewhat neatly in my mind. I do hoard memories. Not the … Continue reading

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Our Most Basic Instinct: Family.

The tree colored the night in red and green.  The house smelled of Jiffy Pop popcorn, served up in a spaghetti stained Tupperware bowl.  The console TV blared the theme from “One Day at a Time.” Twin sisters clad in … Continue reading

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Freezing Time

It’s summer, 2012.  But it’s not the same.  It’s not the season that I remember growing up.  I summered in the 70’s.  My days consisted of selling lemonade in a kool aid pitcher…turning the leftover lemonade into popsicles.  (The Tupperware Lady was everywhere!) My days began and … Continue reading

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Why Yes; I would Like to Hang some Family Members.

Here is where I found my inspiration.

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Memory Lane

I like to visit 1000 Awesome Things. Today I clicked on the blog to find an even better place to visit. Be sure to take this trip.

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What’s on Your Easter Bucket List?

Many of my friends spend the night before Easter much like the night before Christmas…  getting their house ready for the early morning magic madness of making memories. The kids will wake up early and hunt like scavengers (read as… there will … Continue reading

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Back 2 Reality!

Back 2 Reality! …reflections from a trip back home   Editor’s note:  Jim and I live 2 far from our (somewhat) aging families.  Before leaving on vacation, (weeks before, actually), I did what any conscientious/compulsive packer would do…I  crafted a list of staples that I must … Continue reading

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