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Can I be in Love Already?

“My original fears about changing to a new grade quickly disappeared as I moved from a curriculum-centered to a STUDENT CENTERED classroom.” — Barbara Hanson, teacher at Willett School in Attleboro,  Massachusetts (Hanson, 1995). I’m welcoming my 14th year of … Continue reading

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Chivalry is just a fancy word for the two way street of Kindness.

“It’s a welcome relief, then, when we stumble upon those few true gentlemen. They exude chivalry with even their smallest actions, and remind us that there are still good ones out there. Despite popular opinion, chivalry is not dead — … Continue reading

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I Don’t Need a Sticker.

It’s nothing new; it’s good old-fashioned common sense. “Mindset is a simple idea discovered by world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck in decades of research on achievement and success—a simple idea that makes all the difference.” The book is an … Continue reading

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I don’t think teachers know what they’re doing.

This is why we became teachers; we are the lucky ones.

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Family Matters. Family, Matters.

“You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but … Continue reading

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“There are Two Types of People in the World.”

Which one are you? Look here and choose wisely; or be miserable and stay away from the rest of us (who have yet to perfect this ourselves). Related articles Miserable people (abbynormalmyamind.wordpress.com) how to keep fighting (wildheartgirl.com) It is your choice … Continue reading

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Single and Feline Fine.

I was never a bridesmaid. I skipped the matrimonial prerequisite.   It’s similar to skipping kindergarten and being promoted directly to first grade. Being a bridesmaid is not mandatory. Waiting ’til <you insert the age> to get married gives new meaning to vintage … Continue reading

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We Have no Mittens.

It’s a snow day in upstate NY; I’m still I my jammies. The Today show, Pinterest, and FB keep me company this morning. Yes, I enjoy this bonus day at home. Yes, I miss those 5-yr old coworkers…   especially on a cold winter morning. … Continue reading

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21 Secrets for your 20s | Paul Angone | All Groan Up

For those 1/2 my age with more than twice the living and learning yet to do. 21 Secrets for your 20s | Paul Angone | All Groan Up. Related post:  Know any 20-somethings?

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And the Fury | Misadventures of a Modern Mommy

And the Fury | Misadventures of a Modern Mommy.

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