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Forgiveness… my Favorite Eff word.

Raise your hand if you ever needed to ask for forgiveness. Use that same hand to pat yourself on the back if you’ve gifted forgiveness. Accept the apology;  keep your heart open.     How to Use: Diffuse, inhale directly, or … Continue reading

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…in fact often it starts with “faking it until you make it”.

The natural state of our brain is joy. We don’t always feel joyful or even grateful. Appreciating and embracing all of life’s experiences (the good and the uncomfortable) takes practice, patience, and perspective.   “Every thought, word and action carries … Continue reading

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Let your Light Shine. Safely.

Not all candles are created equally. Are there better choice candles? Yes, they do exist; do your research. Continue reading

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Spice up that Morning Coffee!

We know that drinking (or smelling or simply holding) a cup coffee can lower our bodies frequency. …..“In one study the doctors took two young men who had a 66-hertz frequency. One held coffee and his frequency dropped to 58 … Continue reading

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On the Rocks, Please.

Life watered down is easier to swallow. Life on the rocks doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride. Life chilled can be full of flavor. Spike your water!   Young Living Vitality style~ Not yet familiar with Young Living? Visit … Continue reading

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Animal Scents

This is one of my best friends, Sam; we adopted Sam from the shelter a few years ago. I always wonder what her life was like before we found each other; I can only imagine what she may have lived … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Guys are Skeptical of Using Essential Oils

Reblogged via Hannah Crews “Let’s state the obvious here. Guys are so different than girls. Maybe that’s why opposites attract, why iron (man) sharpens iron (woman), why a husband and wife balance each other out in a marriage. So take … Continue reading

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Not Everyone Sleeps in a Toaster.

Have trouble popping out of bed in the morning? Read on and grab a few tips HERE about how to rise before the sun (and just maybe learn to like it). Leave a comment  below about your morning routine; I will … Continue reading

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Got too Much on Your Plate?

“DiGize™ is one of Young Living’s exclusive and proprietary dietary supplements. This unique blend contains Ginger, Anise, Fennel, Peppermint, Tarragon, Lemongrass, Patchouli, and Juniper essential oils, and includes naturally occurring constituents like menthol, citrol, and zingiberen.” Ask me about Digize.   … Continue reading

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When Life Hands you a Lemon, Make an Oil.

My grocery list is shrinking! The first store-bought item to get crossed off?  Those netted bags of lemons that used to fill my shopping bags, challenge my biceps, and cover my kitchen counter.   When I wasn’t buying them in bulk, … Continue reading

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